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Research for this web suite encompassed a great many resources, both print and film. The following list some hardcopy references, in roughly descending order of amount of interesting information about Ms. Richard.  The most recent entries are tagged thusly: New data 

Please note that not all of these publications are available in the US (and some may no longer be in print at all).

"Wendy Richard . . . No 'S': My Life Story"
W. Richard w/L. Wiggins, 2000, Simon & Schuster, London
ISBN: 0-7432-0280-5 (Hardcover)
Wendy's autobiography. Oodles of facts. Loads of photos. Great cover. 'Nuff said.

"Wendy Richard . . . No 'S': My Life Story"
W. Richard w/L. Wiggins, 2001, Simon & Schuster, London
ISBN: 0-7434-1523-X (Softcover)
Paperback version of same. Some new material, plus the front and back covers are different photos. Worth the price.

"Some Joe You Don't Know: An American Biographical Guide
 to 100 British Television Personalities"

A. Slide, 1996, Greenwood Press, Westport
ISBN: 0-313-29550-6
A positive, well-done biographical sketch of Wendy. One large B&W photo of her with little Shirley.

"Are You Being Served: A Celebration of Twenty-Five Years"
R. Webber, et al., 1998, Welcome Rain, New York
ISBN: 1-56649-042-1
Four pages of excellent material, and a number of lovely B&W photos of young Wendy (including a baby picture).

"Secret Lives"
J. Sachs & P. Morgan,1991, Black Pub. Ltd., London
ISBN: 0-905846-95-8
This is a collection of structured interviews with three dozen, mostly British, television stars.  Besides an excellent four-page visit with Wendy, there are other good features on Rowan Atkinson, Anthea Turner, John Cleese, and many others -- including, inexplicably, a rather unpleasant article on non-Brit Roseanne Barr.

"You Have Been Watching . . ."
D. Croft,2004, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-48739-9
A superb look at the genius of David Croft, the writer and producer for much of the classic British light entertainment from the 1960s through 1990s.  An autobiography, the book naturally focuses on Croft himself, but still provides many insights into the personalities he's worked with over the years -- including mentions of Wendy and how she came to work in a number of his best-known shows.

"Are You Being Served?"
A. Rigelsford, et al.,1995, KQED Books, San Francisco
ISBN: 0-912333-23-5
Three-page biographical article, some quotes, and color and B&W pictures, all of Shirley from the AYBS? series or movie.

"Star Dogs: What the Celebrities think about their Pets"
K. Horkin, 2000, Our Dogs Publishing Co., Manchester
ISBN: 0-903034-17-4
This for-charity specialty book has three pages of the best Wendy-and-Shirley photos one is likely to see anywhere.  Along with that is a well-written and sensible article describing Wendy's view on various aspects of pet ownership, with emphasis on the responsibility that such ownership entails.

EastEnders: The Inside Story
J. Smith & T. Holland, 1987, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-20601-2
Some interesting paragraphs on how Wendy got chosen for EastEnders and how Pauline came to be. A number of group and solo pictures of her; a couple are excellent.

Who Does She Think She Is?
M. McCutcheon, 2000, Century (Random House), London
ISBN: 0-7126-6989-2
One illuminating paragraph with McCutcheon's take on Wendy. Also has a very interesting look at the work on EastEnders from a "newbie's" point of view. But note: much adult language and situations.

Real Soap: EastEnders
K. Sinotok, 1999, Generation Publications Ltd, London
ISBN: 1-903009-04-9
A two-page spread about Wendy and her alter-ego Pauline in a gossipy (though not too unkind) manner. Only two color EE group publicity pictures.

Great Brit-Coms: British Television Situation Comedy
G. Koseluk, 2000, McFarland & Co., Jefferson, N. Carolina
ISBN: 0-786-40805-7
A little bit of info on Wendy and the comedy parts she played; nothing you wouldn't find in other volumes listed higher up on this list.

EastEnders Handbook
H. Kingsley, 1991, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-36292-8
Some pretty good on-the-set shots of Wendy as Pauline; a few tidbits of dated bio info; that's about it.

"TV Times Who's Who on Television"
P. Genower, Ed., 2000, Boxtree Books, London
ISBN: 0-7522-1821-2
Brief and clearly incomplete career listing.

"Who's Who on Television: The Fully Illustrated Guide
 to the Stars of the Small Screen"

A. Hayward, 1994
ISBN: 1-85283-936-8
Even briefer and even less complete career listing.

"Dad's Army: The Making of a Television Legend" (2nd Ed.)
B. Pertwee, 1997, Pavilion Books Ltd., London
ISBN: 1-86205-176-3
A short biographical write-up about Wendy and the roles she played on the series. Very handsome color photo.

"The Eastenders Programme Guide"
J. Munroe, 1994, Virgin Books, London
ISBN: 0-86369-825-5
Very brief biographical sketch. Also one of Wendy's EastEnders character of Pauline.

"The Guinness Television Encyclopedia"
J. Evans, ed., 1995, Guinness World Records Ltd
ISBN: 0-85112-744-4
Very concise sketch of Wendy's professional accomplishments, though nothing about her personal life.

"The Eastenders Programme Guide"
J. Munroe, 1994, Virgin Books, London
ISBN: 0-86369-825-5
Very brief biographical sketch. Also one of Wendy's EastEnders character of Pauline.

"Celebrity Pets"
C. McClennan, 1995, Holrock Books, Paignton, Devon
ISBN: 0-9526944-0-9
One B&W photo of Wendy from set of Grace & Favour; a cute two-page section about the origin and antics of her Wheaten Cairn Terrier.

"Eastenders: The First 10 Years"
C. Brake, 1994, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-37057-2
Fragmentary info about Wendy and her character; one very large color publicity photo as Pauline.

A Knight on the Box: Forty Years of Anglia Television
T. Walshe, C. Bevan, et al., 1999, Anglia Television Ltd., Norwich
ISBN: 0-906836-40-8
A brief mention and photo of Wendy in regard to her role in the Anglia series Weaver's Green (actually, word for word what's on the Anglia website).

"British Television: An Illustrated Guide"
2nd Ed., T. Vahimagi, 1996, Oxford Uni. Press, Oxford
ISBN: 0-19-815926-2
Useful background info about many of Wendy's early and lesser-known series. Nothing about her specifically.

"EastEnders Special"
Auth. Edition, 1986, Grandreams Ltd., London
ISBN: 0-86227-384-6
No text data, but has five color EE publicity photos of Pauline / Wendy, including one full-page pic.

"EastEnders Knitting Collection"
1986, Northern Publishers and Designers, Ltd.
Two rather nice color photos of Wendy; thumbnail character sketch of Pauline.

"EastEnders: 20 Years in Albert Square"
2005, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-52165-1
A stellar volume on the history and people of this British soap opera phenomenon.  Weighted perhaps a little too much toward the fictional denizens of the Square rather than the very real, hard-working actors who bring them to life -- still, a must-have tome for the EE fan.  Wendy has written the book's foreword -- and receives prominent mention of such on the cover.  There's a couple of excellent portraits of her, not to mention a handful of other in-character shots scattered throughout.

"The Complete Beatles Chronicle"
2000 (paperback), Hamlyn, London
ISBN: 0-600-60033-5
Brief details about Wendy's participation in shooting the Beatles' movie Help.  But well worth getting this book anyway simply for the lavish information about the golden years of the Fab Four.

"The Illustrated history of Pop"
P. Flattery, 1973, Wise Publications - Music Sales Ltd., London
ISBN: none
A book special issued by Music Sales magazine, this publication is a very good review of the pop music scene of the 1950s and -60s.  A paragraph or so about Wendy in context of her teaming with Mike Sarne.  A nice pic, too.

"KISS Guide to Living With A Dog"
B. Fogle, 2000, Dorling Kindersley Ltd., London
ISBN: 07513-2723-9
The foreword of this dog care book was written by Wendy, and provides some humorous, and serious, insights into what having a dog means to her personally.

"The End of Innocence"
1997, Scalo, Zurich
ISBN: 3-931141-47-0
Only a single picture of Mike Sarne and Wendy, but it's one rarely seen.  This sizeable tome also worth a read for the other hundreds of great photos of many of the pop, rock, and R&B greats from the 1960s.

"Homestead Food For Thought"
Willo Ward, 1997, The Friends of St. Luke's, Dublin
ISBN: 0-9531959-0-2
In support of charity, this book contains many recipes from mostly Irish and British celebrities, journalists, and politicians.  Wendy's offering is a scrumptious cheesecake formula.

"Pot Luck"
1995, Kyle Cathie Limited, London
ISBN: 1-85626-184-0
One of the recipes herein was provided by Wendy for this charity cookbook, but nothing further from or about her.  Great cover photograph of Kiri Te Kanawa, though.

"Star Turns in the Kitchen"
A. Hunter, 1999, Guild Publishing, London
A charity edition too, this contains a recipe submitted by Wendy, as well as a few cooking-related comments.

"QMC Education Base Celebrity Cook Book"
1999?, Colourstream Litho Limited, Derby
Again, one recipe submitted by Wendy for this charity edition, and her circa-1993 publicity photo, but nothing further.  An excellently designed publication.

"Celebrity Cook Book"
1994?, publisher unknown, London
This cook book was produced "in aid of the building fund for the Church of St. Francis of Assisi", in Kew, Southport.  The recipe submitted by Wendy was her chocolate chilli.  No other info or comment.

"EastEnders Special"
1988, Grandreams Ltd., London
ISBN: 0-86227-626-8
No text data, but has one small EE publicity photo of Pauline / Wendy.

"Listen Very Carefully, I Shall Say This Only Once..."
J. Lloyd, 1993, BBC Books, London
ISBN: 0-563-36203-0
One passing reference to Wendy, but nothing in depth. One small B&W publicity photo of the AYBS? cast, from about '75 or '76.

"Carry On Laughing: A Celebration"
A. Rigelsford, 1996, Virgin Publishing Ltd., London
ISBN: 0-7535-0006-X
Very little about Wendy. One not-very-good B&W group photo.

"West Country Tales: Stories of Mystery and Suspense"
1981, Webb & Bower (Publishers) Ltd., Exeter
ISBN: 0-906671-65-5
A collection of the stories which appeared on the BBC TV series of this name; an interesting introduction by one of the producers on how the show came to be. Nothing specifically about Wendy.

"The Are You Being Served? Stories"
J. Lloyd, 1997, KQED Books, San Francisco
ISBN: 0-912333-02-2
Novelized stories involving Shirley Brahms. A couple of small photos of Shirley from the AYBS? series.

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