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New data MAIL ONLINE (13 September 2009) "Marple; Blue Murder; Joanna Lumley: Catwoman; Derren Brown" (Includes a brief review of Wendy's last screen appearance.)

New data MAIL ONLINE (30 August 2009) "Natalie Cassidy:  My Disgust At Rumours I Had An Affair With Wendy's Husband" (Article is about Cassidy, but provides interesting insights into Wendy and the relationship between the two women.)

New data MAIL ONLINE (21 April 2009) "Natalie Cassidy:  Why I Nearly Had A Breakdown When Wendy Richard Died" (Article about Wendy's colleague.)

New data NOW ONLINE (3 March 2009) "Jade Goody Saddened By Wendy Richard's Death" (Short, but positive article.  She explicitly notes that she and Wendy never spoke directly to each other.)

New data MIRROR.CO.UK (29 February 2009) "Wendy Richard:  We'll Miss Brahms" (Excellent tribute to the lady.)

New data MIRROR.CO.UK (29 February 2009) "Queen of the Square" (A thorough tribute.)

New data MAIL ONLINE (27 February 2009) "Wendy Richard, The Grace Brothers Glamourpuss Who Had Steel Behind Her Smile" (A respective, above average obituary.)

New data BBC NEWS (26 February 2009) "Actress Wendy Richard Dies At 65" (Straightfoward announcement with tributes and acknowledgements from colleagues.)

New data BBC NEWS (26 February 2009) "Actors Pay Tribute To Wendy Richard" (Pretty much just a container for a BBC video clip.)

New data NOW ONLINE (19 January 2009) "Wendy Richard:  Jane Goody Must Stay Positive Over Hair Loss" (Brief article about Wendy's encouragement offered to Goody.)

New data MAIL ONLINE (18 January 2009) " 'I'm Not Dying,' Insists Wendy Richard As She Opens Up About Her Gruelling Battle With Cancer" (A rather well-done article that balances between the describing the uncomfortable facts of cancers with Wendy's strong and positive attitude.)

New data NOW ONLINE (10 October 2008) "Wendy Richard Comforts Jade Goody Over Cancer Battle" (Account of Wendy and Goody encountering each other in hospital.)

New data SUNDAY MIRROR (12 May 1996) "Wendy Never Invited Me To Here Wedding, And She Missed My [Funeral]" (Actually, the link is to an article recorded on an archiving website.  Accuracy of the article is in some doubt -- it seems to play up antagonism between Wendy and Bill where likely none existed, merely a social distance between the two based on the difference in their backgrounds and personalities.  Interesting read, nonetheless.)

Article Portfolio

GUARDIAN.CO.UK - Organgrinder Blog (19 December, 2008) "Joy of Six:  TV Matriarchs" (An entertaining look at strong female characters on various UK soaps.  Wendy's Pauline Fowler is mentioned, albeit only in passing.  But your webmeister takes mild exception to the authoress' equating of 'matriarch' with 'battleaxe'.)

FAMETASTIC.CO.UK (16 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Denies Reports Her Cancer Is Terminal" (A very good correction article that draws an important distinction between "has" and "will never recover from".  Nice photo too.)

 MIRROR.CO.UK (15 October, 2008) "Cancer-stricken EastEnders star Wendy Richard Buys Wig" (A few sentences essentially repeat the headline, which is in reference to one preparation Wendy has had to make for her pending treatment.)

 NOWMAGAZINE.CO.UK (14 October, 2008) "Shock!  Wendy Richard:  I'm Not Dying" (Actually, the only shock is that it took a celebrity magazine nearly a week to finally step up to getting Wendy's own take on her condition.  Article is short, but does offer a more balanced look at her attitude and thoughts on her illness.)

DIGITALSPY (14 October, 2008) "Morse:  Wendy Richard Saved My Life" (A short article that recalls an event a few years ago when Wendy urged Laila Morse to see a physician about a health issue that turned out to be breast cancer.)

 MIRROR.CO.UK (12 October, 2008) "Picture:  Wendy Richard's First Day of Married Life" (A short article with a large paparazzi-type photo of Wendy and John out and about and dressed casually.)

GUARDIAN.CO.UK (12 October, 2008) "The Debt All Women Owe Jade and Wendy" (An article by columnist Barbara Ellen mentions how Wendy's illness -- as well as that of another British female celebrity -- should have a positive effect on public awareness of women's health issues.  In regard to Wendy, she specifically notes that it "has underlined the need for vigilance even after you've got the all-clear".)

MIRROR.CO.UK (11 October, 2008) "EastEnders Turn Out For Dying Wendy Richard's Wedding" (A short article about the event and who was seen to attend.  Accompanied by a number of nice photos of some of the guests, taken outside the hotel entryway.)

MAIL ONLINE (11 October, 2008) "Newlywed Wendy Richard Flashes Her Wedding Ring After 'Dying Wish' Ceremony" (As lurid as the headline reads, this is actually a fairly nicely-done report about Wendy's wedding to John Burns the day before on Friday, 10 October.  Some great photos (outside of the hotel, since OK magazine evidently had the exclusive rights for photos inside).)

 THE WEDDING CHAOS BLOG (10 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Gets Married Today" (A short, but nice weblog entry about Wendy's wedding.  With a photo from her BAFTA appearance a few years ago.  As of 2020, the blog appears to no longer exist.)

 THE LONDON PAPER (10 October, 2008) "London News:  EastEnders Cast Arrives for Wendy's Wedding" (A generally well-written weblog article about the obvious topic.)

 WHAT'S ON TV (10 October, 2008) "Ex-EastEnder Wendy Richard Marries in Mayfair" (A photo feature section -- no longer available -- with a selection of pixs from the day of Wendy's wedding shot outside the locale -- Wendy is in three of them.)

 WHAT'S ON TV (10 October, 2008) "Ex-EastEnder Wendy Richard Marries" (In the news article accompanying the above photo feature, there are some details of the event as best as could be gleaned by those reports excluded from the ceremony itself.)

BBC NEWS (10 October, 2008) " 'Dying' Richard Marries Partner" (Article covers Wendy's hasty wedding, and provides a couple of rather nice photos and a Flash video.)

BELFAST TELEGRAPH (10 October, 2008) "Dying TV Soap Star Wendy Richard Marries Her Partner John" (A short article noting the wedding.  Accompanied by a nice photo of the two from some years ago.)

GUARDIAN ONLINE (10 October, 2008) "OK! Covers Wendy's Wedding From Every Angle" (A blog article that quite rightly takes exception to the way that most other recent articles tend to play up Wendy's illness, especially in their headlines.  The short entry tries to put things in perspective, quoting Wendy herself about "she is keen to assure her concerned fans that while her condition is serious, she hopes chemotherapy will cure her.")

MAIL ONLINE (10 October, 2008) "Cancer-Stricken Jade is Comforted by a Dying Wendy..." (Article is mostly about Jade Goody (another British celebrity), but mentions her meeting Wendy at a hospital a few days before the article came out.  An excellent photo of Wendy accompanies.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (10 October, 2008) "Cancer-Stricken Actress Set To Wed" and "EastEnders Cast at Richard Wedding" and "Terminally-ill Richard Gets Married" (A trio of brief articles reporting that Wendy weds this day in a civil ceremony in west London, attended by a modest number of friends and erstwhile colleagues from EastEnders.)

MAIL ONLINE (8 October, 2008) "Smiling Wendy Richard Takes Her Cancer Battle In Her Stride" (The Daily Mail does it again with a nice article about Wendy's activities.  It repeats some of the details of previous days' reports, but includes some nice street shots of Wendy and friends.)

BELFAST TELEGRAPH (7 October, 2008) " 'I'm Dying of Cancer,' Say Soap Star Wendy Richard" (Another well-written article, with a nice photo.)

MAIL ONLINE (7 October, 2008) "Brave Wendy Richard Spends Quality Time With Husband-to-be Before Cancer Treatment Starts" (A detailed article from early October about Wendy's illness and future plans.  Echoes in large part the details in the earlier Express article from 5 October.  Accompanied by some good photos, though a couple have that paparazzi look to them.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (7 October, 2008) "Smoker Wendy Has Paid Her Way in Tax" (A short article noting that Wendy pays her own medical bills.  It also notes an interesting statistic about the UK government received far more in taxes on tobacco products than it pays for smoking-related health care.)

 TV.SKY.COM (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard's TV Times" (This is really quite an excellent retrospective of Wendy's career told through a slideshow of photos.  Check them out!  The series ranges from her first major gig in 1960 to the present, and all the shots are absolutely delightful.)

 COVENTRYTELEGRAPH.NET (6 October, 2008) "Devastated Wendy Richard Set to Marry After Terminal Diagnosis" (A generally well-written weblog article about the obvious topic.  As of 2020, the blog appears to no longer exist.)

 TV SCOOP (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Diagnosed With Cancer" (Short article that takes note of the news about Wendy's illness that broke in the Daily Express the day before.)

 METRO.CO.UK (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard:  I'm Dying" (A few paragraphs of her illness tied in with her recent departure from EastEnders.  For the record, nowhere in the article is she quoted as saying the D-word.)

 FAMETASTIC (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard To Marry Long Term Love Before Starting Chemotherapy" (A few paragraphs about the news of her illness.  Details seem to be generally taken from the exclusive Express story.)

 TV.SKY.COM (6 October, 2008) "Wendy's Cancer Returns" (A nice photo and write-up of the news of Wendy's illness.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (6 October, 2008) "Bill Treacher:  My Anguish for Dying Wendy Richard" (A couple of short paragraphs make it clear that Wendy's former colleague was asked how he felt about the return of her illness.)

MAIL ONLINE (6 October, 2008) "Dying Wendy Richard to Marry This Week Before Starting Treatment For Cancer" (Article's details are similar to what the other media are saying.  But what sets this article apart are the nice photos of Wendy -- both as herself in past roles -- as well as a sizable section of comments from well-wishers.)

DAILY STAR (6 October, 2008) "I Quit Cos They Were Going To Marry Me Off" (While mentioning her new illness, the article's main topic is why she left EastEnders.  And despite her clear dissatisfaction with how Pauline was being used in the storylines, Wendy gracefully refrains from bad-mouthing either the show or the producers for it.  An excellent and charming photo accompanies.)

DIGITALSPY (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Talks 'EastEnders' Exit" (Another article about her reasons for leaving the soap.  A couple of interesting and pertinent quotes.)

TELEGRAPH.CO.UK (6 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Reveals Why She Left EastEnders" (A moderately-sized article that focuses on her unhappiness with the scripts and storylines in EE.)

 BBC NEWS (5 October, 2008) "Ex-EastEnder 'Dying of Cancer' " (Fairly detailed article from early October.)

 THE LONDON PAPER (5 October, 2008) Ex-EastEnders Star Wendy Richard is Dying of Cancer" (Article from the day the news broke, though it contains less information that most others.  An excellent recent photo of Wendy, though.)

 THE NORTHERN ECHO (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Dying of Cancer" (Another short article about Wendy's illness leads with the familiar lurid headline.  At least it's accompanied by a charming photograph, from the early 2000s.)

THE DAILY EXPRESS (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard:  My Dying Wish" (Thorough and thoughtful, this excellent article was the first with the news about Wendy's illness, and is pretty much what everyone else based their articles on.  A lovely trio of photos accompanies.)

PEOPLE.CO.UK (5 October, 2008) "TV Soap Legend Wendy Richard Is Dying of Cancer" (Archived link -- Pretty much standard media content about her illness and plans to marry.)

THE INDEPENDENT UK (5 October, 2008) "Ex-EastEnder Wendy Richard Is Dying of Cancer" (Archived link -- Article essentially mirrors the first-breaking Express story about Wendy's reoccurring illness.)

THE SUNDAY MAIL (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard:  I'm Dying of Cancer" (Article presents the facts without additional information.)

VIEW.LONDON.CO.UK (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Says She Is Dying of Cancer" (Article gives the facts of the breaking news pretty much as the rest of the media have.  A nice photo is included.)

INTHENEWS.CO.UK (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Says She Is Dying of Cancer" (Another article that repeats the basic facts, but with nothing additional.)

DAILY STAR (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard:  I'm Dying" (Article takes a bit of a liberty with the headline (but consider the publication), and mostly just mirrors the details found in other papers about this time.)

NEWS OF THE WORLD (5 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard's New Cancer Battle" (Article itself is routine; presenting the breaking news of Wendy's illness.  What is perhaps most interesting are the large number of positive messages of encouragement appended to the article by readers.)

PRESS ASSOCIATION (4 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Is 'Dying Of Cancer' " (A few paragraphs based on the Express article.  Nice photo.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (4 October, 2008) "Wendy Richard Is 'Dying Of Cancer' " (A short blurb with a lurid headline essentially summarizes the breaking news from the Sunday Express of Wendy's recurring illness.)

GUARDIAN.CO.UK (16 August, 2008) "What I See In The Mirror" (The online version of a print article that offers Wendy's perspective on how she views herself.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (10 March, 2008) "Wendy Richard Reveals She Was Unhappy in EastEnders" (A good catch-up article about why Wendy left the soap, and -- bonus! -- some indication of a couple of the new shows she's working on now:  ". . . playing a battleaxe mum in [the second season of the] ITV comedy 'Benidorm', on TV next month.  Then she will start filming Miss Marple mystery 'A Pocket Full of Rye' ".)

NORTHEASTHISTORY.CO.UK (n/a) "From Boro to the East End - Via a Disastrous Kipper Decision" (This site -- no longer active -- dedicated to the history of the northeastern part of England features a surprisingly detailed article from mid-2006 about native daughter Wendy.  It focuses mostly on her early life, schooling, work, and first 10 years or so of acting.)

BBC.CO.UK (n/a) "Ian Talks About Life With the Fowlers" (From the official EastEnders website is this short Q&A with Ian Lavender, in which Wendy is mentioned often.)

BBC.CO.UK (26 May, 2007) "In Pictures:  British Soap Awards" (Go to the 11th photo on this BBC news article to see a nice photo of Wendy along with Todd Carty after she accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award.)

BBC Tees (18 December, 2007) "Local Stars of Stage and Screen" (This regional section of the BBC's website offers a pleasant surprise by noting a number of personalities who have worked in or hail from the far northeast of England, nicknamed 'Teeside'.  Of course Wendy is listed with this amusing introduction:
"Known for being publicity shy and devoting a large part of her website to her dog . . .")

MIRROR.CO.UK (9 April , 2007) "Miss Brahms Is Back" (Wow!  An exceptionally fine interview with Wendy about her recent activities, including details of a new sitcom, written by David Croft, that she will be working on.  She also firmly rebuts the plastic surgery rumors, notes that the near future will probably not include marriage, and reaffirms her relief at finally being off the EastEnders machine.  And a curious, but most insightful statement:
"I am the happiest I've been and so full of confidence now.  I've been in the business 47 years and don't know why I wasn't confident before.  I see people at parties who can network a room and I'm not like that.  I am just very quiet."  Overall, a superb visit with the lady.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (24 March, 2007) "Farewell, John" (Brief article about Inman's funeral and who attended.)

DAILY MAIL (25 March, 2007) "Comedy Stars Gather to Bid Farewell to John Inman" (Well-illustrated article about Inman's colleagues paying their last respects.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (9 March, 2007) "John Inman:  The King of Camp" (Review of Inman's career.  Wendy provides some brief comments about his work and his personal life.)

BBC.CO.UK (8 March, 2007) "Today:  Listen Again" (This is an archive site of past broadcasts of the Today daily news show on Radio 4.  This particular page is for 8 Mar 07, when Wendy's friend and colleague John Inman passed away.  The archive clip -- go about half way down the page to find the link -- is of a short two-minute telephone interview with a clearly-distressed Wendy reminiscing about her friend and their work together.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (8 March, 2007) "John Inman Dies at Age 71" (Article about Inman's passing away clearly reflects Wendy's own concern and sadness at the loss of her friend of many years.)

SUNDAY MIRROR.CO.UK (7 March, 2007) "John Inman Dies at Age 71" (This article about Inman's passing away also interviews Wendy briefly about her late colleague.)

SUNDAY MIRROR.CO.UK (28 January, 2007) "Feel Better in Valletta" (A travel article about a resort in this city in Malta mentions in its last sentence that it's a particular favorite get-away spot of Wendy's.)

BBC CULT (Undated) I Love 1962 - Music "Wendy Richard" (A pleasant little write-up about Wendy's early claim to fame in the pop music world.  Unfortunately, the BBC Cult Culture website appears to now be defunct, so the days may be numbered for the article to be accessed.  Graced by a photo of Wendy from her 1965 appearance on the comedy series The Likely Lads.)

THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL (2006) "Gloria's Greats:  Wendy Richard" (Archived link -- though the webpage is oriented more toward supporting the television show of this name, this page nonetheless offers a very nice and concise biographical write-up about Wendy.)

 TV SCOOP (27 December, 2006) "Pauline Fowler RIP" (A quite well-written look at the character of Pauline over the years.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (26 December, 2006) "When Pauline Dies, My Tears Are Real" (A detailed interview with James Alexandrou, of significance mainly because of his very nice words about his departing colleague:  "Wendy's like my showbiz mum.  I grew up with her and she showed me the ropes and taught me what to do professionally.")

DIGITAL SPY (23 December, 2006) "Wendy Richards' No Regrets" (This entertainment news site is unpleasant to look at and makes itself virtually impossible to navigate without enabling risky ActiveX content.  But that said, this is short and tight interview where Wendy talks about the plot surrounding Pauline's exit as well as about her own feelings about leaving the show.  In case you can't get to the interview, here is what she said when asked what she'll miss most about Albert Square:
"This is not an easy question to answer!  I can remember still my first ever sight of the square and thought it the best back lot I had ever seen.  Of course it is much more built up and bigger now, and stands as a great testament to the craftsmen of the BBC.  I think it will be the anticipation of walking up on that magnificent set to go to work I shall miss most of all.")

ENTERTAINMENT-WISE (22 December, 2006) "EastEnders' Pauline Fowler Dies Under A Christmas Tree" (Brief article about Pauline's demise.)

FEMALES FIRST (20 December, 2006) "Wendy Richards' No Regrets" (A short article on Wendy's decision to leave EastEnders, nothing that the actress has 'has now turned her hand to TV presenting'.  Interestingly, the next day the website celebrityspotlight.co.uk published the same article, word for word.)

AGING CONCERNS (7 November, 2006) "Wendy Richards to Leave EastEnders" (Another short article on Wendy's imminent departure from the series.)

SUNDAY MIRROR.CO.UK (1 October, 2006) "Exclusive:  Tragic Pauline Gets Brain Tumour" (Breathless speculation about Pauline Fowler's demise on EastEnders; that's about it.)

SUNDAY MIRROR.CO.UK (24 September, 2006) "Exclusive:  Kara's Made Me So Happy" (Well, no, this isn't a quote from Wendy, but rather from James Alexandrou, who talks about his decision to leave EastEnders and how he made sure to tell Wendy before the official announcement went out.)

WALFORD GAZETTE (#55, Autumn, 2006) "The Importance of Being Pauline" (Archived link -- An online version of an article  in the hardcopy newspaper produced by EastEnders fans, this marks the passing of Pauline Fowler from the cast of that show) by Keith Newton.

MIRROR.CO.UK (12 August, 2006) "When Will She Smile?" (Just an intriguing paragraph that reports Wendy may, at last, marry again, once 'EastEnders' is behind her.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (9 August, 2006) "Wendy Keeps It Real" (A brief article in the 'Sue Carroll' column that seems to be a compliment to Wendy's insistence that the character of Pauline should have been kept true to her nature.)

DAILY MAIL (7 August, 2006) "Why I Had to Quit EastEnders" (Good article that covers the various reasons she parted company with the show.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (7 August, 2006) "Why Wendy Quit EastEnders" (A couple of paragraphs about Wendy's reason for leaving.)

THE SUN (August, 2006) "Wendy:  Why I Quit 'Enders" (A mirror of the print article on the same topic; this covers Wendy's reasons for leaving the soap.  It's quite well written and deserves a read.  A couple of very nice photos.)

BBC.CO.UK (11 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard MBE to leave EastEnders" (An official BBC press about Wendy's departure from the show  Includes some high praise from various producers and a recap of some of the most dramatic storylines her character of Pauline Fowler has been involved with over the years.)

GUARDIAN.CO.UK (11 July, 2006) "Bye Then, Pauline" (An article by columnist Lucy Mangan is borderline vicious in her harsh assessment of the character Pauline Fowler on EastEnders.  However, one may contrast this with Mangan's rather complimentary words toward the end of the column for Wendy herself, mostly for putting up with the rigors required of her on the show for so many years:  "She has more than earned the right to a long and happy retirement".)

GUARDIAN.CO.UK (11 July, 2006) "Pauline To Leave EastEnders" (A much more balanced article the same day notes Wendy's departure from the soap, and recaps some of the character's highlights.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (11 July, 2006) "Ender An Era" (More coverage of Wendy's departure, as well as a career review.)

SUNDAY MIRROR (11 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard to Leave EastEnders" (Another report of Wendy's departure from the soap.)

TIMES ONLINE (11 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard Quits the Square" (Short and terse statement of the news.  A nice -- though small -- photo accompanies.)

 BBC NEWS (10 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard to Leave EastEnders" (Not the press release that came out online about the same time, but rather a well-written and positive general news article about Wendy departure from the show.)

DAILY MAIL (10 July, 2006) "After 21 Years, Pauline Leaves the Misery of Albert Square" (A very well written article on Wendy's announced departure and history on the show.  An absolutely superb photo, too!)

MIRROR.CO.UK (10 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard Quits As EastEnders' Pauline Fowler" (Covers Wendy's initial announcement of her leaving the show.)

BBC NEWS (10 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard to Leave EastEnders" (Coverage of Wendy's departure from the soap.  Mostly quotes from her official announcement and a review of her storylines over the years.)

BBC NEWS (10 July, 2006) "Wendy Richard's Dramatic Soap Life" (Synopsis of Pauline Fowlers history on EastEnders, and the importance of the character.)

PEOPLE.CO.UK (18 June, 2006) "Exclusive:  A Nurse was Passing and Spotted My Swollen Arm . . . (Archived link -- essentially a softcopy of the extensive People article about Wendy that appeared in the paper on this day.  Quite well done; some nice insights.  A bit frank on the topic of her illnesses.)

EVENING GAZETTE (18 February, 2005) The Friday Interview "Star Looks Back" (A surprisingly good article chock-full of quotes from Wendy about her life and about her character of Pauline Fowler from EastEnders) by Keith Newton.

GUARDIAN UNLIMITED (16 February, 2006) Arts - Features "In The Early Days All I Ever Got Were Crying Scenes" (An excellent and well-written interview with Wendy!  Polished and positive, it reviews her background, likes and dislikes, and Wendy's relationship with alter-ego Pauline Fowler ("she's all I've thought about for a third of my life") as well as with other various real actors who lend form to the inhabitants of Albert Square, E20) by Emma John.

MIRROR.CO.UK (13 February, 2006) "Exclusive:  Wendy:  Why I've Never Had Kids" (Despite the title, this is actually an exceptionally well done article about Wendy, and her character of Pauline Fowler, and how the two get along.  Some interesting insights about the actress herself as well.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (12 February, 2005) "Square Are They Now?" (Article that traces the whereabouts of actors since departed from EastEnders.  Some interesting tidbits on various actors; Wendy of course is noted as still being with the show.  No photos provided, unfortunately, and lots of typographical errors.)

MIRROR.CO.UK (11 February, 2006) "A New Groom Sweeps Clean" (Article mostly just about the ill-fated wedding of Wendy's character Pauline Fowler.)

BBC NEWS (16 June 2004) Breakfast Feature:  "Breakfast in Albert Square" (An interview with Wendy on the set of EastEnders, where she speaks of her character and the show in general.  The associated Real Media video clip is of poor quality; check out this transcript, to be sure what was said.)

VIDEOVISTA (November, 2003) 2002 Top Ten column "Women on British Television: Top 10 Female Icons" (A short article about how Wendy has made herself synonymous with Pauline Fowler. She's quoted extensively, though her words are from at least three years ago) by Ellen Chesire.

SUNDAY MIRROR.CO.UK (2 February, 2003) "Jack In Wendy's Doghouse" (Article chock-full of moist celebrity gossip, but does have at least one factual nugget about halfway down the the page when it notes the words between soon-to-be ex-EastEnder Jack Ryder and , well, Shirley the Dog.  A couple of cute sketches.)

DAILY MAIL (20 November, 2002) "Wendy Richard Returns to EastEnders" (Update on Wendy's return to work after treatment for her illness.)

ANANOVA (20 November, 2002) article "Cancer-battle Star Returns to EastEnders" (A short article reporting information mostly from Wendy's agent about her return to work.)

BBC NEWS (6 September, 2002) article "Your Wishes: Wendy Richard" (A collection of messages of encouragement and hope for Wendy from folks literally all over the world! Accompanied by a nice photo of her, too.)

DAILY MAIL (5 September, 2002) "EastEnder Wendy in Third Battle To Beat Cancer" (Another article about Wendy's illness, as well as a general recap of her life and career.)

THE MIRROR (5 September, 2002) article "Wendy Richard Finds Lump After Seven Year All Clear" (Archived link -- Go halfway down the page to the article about Wendy, which describes the reoccurrence of her illness, and her reaction, as well as a recap of her career)  by Nicholas Methven.

ANANOVA (4 September, 2002) article "EastEnders Star Recovering After Cancer Op" (Brief article about Wendy, which describes the reoccurrence of her illness, and her reaction, as well as a recap of her career)  by Nicholas Methven.

BBC INSIDER (Vol. 3, #3; March, 2002) article "Wendy Richard:  Story of A True Survivor"(992 KB PDF file)  (This issue of Insider leads with an excellent and positive article about Wendy and her career, covering both the high and low points of her life.  It is written very tastefully and with clear respect for the lady) by Michele Street.

BBC EastEnders Revealed ( 2002) article "Meet the Fowlers (Page2)" (Half way down the page are some very nice retrospective comments by Wendy about working on the EE television show. There's a video clip there too.  Unfortuantely, the webpage itself is no longer accessible.)

VARIETY CLUB Website( 2001) article "Variety's Hall of Fame" (Archived link - A nice photo of Wendy and some words from her on the worthiness of the Variety Club charity.)

ROYAL INSIGHT (December, 2001) feature "Out and About" (archived link -- another report on the Royal visit to EE.  Unfortunately, the accompanying photos were not preserved.  But here is a good image from Getty Images.)

TELEGRAPH (29 November, 2001) article "The Windsors make it a double at the Queen Vic" (site requires free registration! A good write-up of the Royal visit to the set; one photo. Mostly talks about Barbara Windsor, though quotes Wendy here and there.) by Caroline Davies.

GUARDIAN UNLIMITED (28 November, 2001) article "And what do you do?" (Good photo of Wendy on set of EastEnders with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.)

BBC NEWS (28 November, 2001) article "Queen tours UK Broadcasters" (Mention of Wendy's role as guide for Prince Phillip, during a Royal tour of the Elstree set of EastEnders. An associated picture gallery of the event has a couple of photos of Wendy (and others of the EastEnders cast), but the images are not the best.

TELEGRAPH (29 November, 2001) article "Queens of EastEnders fight for leading role as royal tour guide" (An archive copy of a slightly gossipy, but fairly well-balanced report -- no photos -- on the consideration of whether Wendy or Barbara Windsor would play host during the Queen's visit.) by Caroline Davies.

BBC NEWS (10 August, 2001) article "Soaps Battle in TV Showdown" (Wendy comments on the addition of a fourth weekly EE episode. But more interesting is the accompanying Real Media file Actress Wendy Richard who plays Pauline Fowler, which is Wendy's recent appearance on BBC One's Breakfast show).

BBC NEWS (25 July, 2001) article "EastEnders gets Fourth Episode" (Nothing in the article about Wendy, but does include rarely-seen photo of Pauline Fowler.)

DooYoo (22 June 2001) book review "The Northeast's End-Ender" (another very good synopsis of Wendy's autobiog) by John van der Kiste.

ONLINE MIRROR (27 May, 2001) article ". . . If It Wasn't for Wendy, It Would Have Been Too Late!" (Original article has vanished. It was a chat with EastEnders' actress Laila Morse, speaking of her recent brush with breast cancer. She credits Wendy in no uncertain terms with saving her life: "If Wendy Richard hadn't forced me to go to the doctors when she did I truly believe I'd never have gone - at least not until it was too late.")

DooYoo (23 March 2001) book review "Wendy Richard - From High Heels to Cardigans" (a very pleasant and accurate review of her book, that nicely summarizes the high (and low) points of her life) by Karen Inskip.

BBC Radio 4 Online (16 February, 2001) article "My Radio 4" (short Q & A about her favorite show on Radio 4 -- The Archers, naturally. The person Wendy mentions, Jenni Murray, is a BBC presenter).

THE SUN (27 January, 2001) article "Doctors Save TV Inman's Life" (Article was not about Wendy, but did mention her and quotes her concern about Inman: "Wendy Richards [sic], . . . who played sexy Miss Brahms and now plays Pauline Fowler in EastEnders, said: 'It's devastating to hear he's been so unwell. He's so well loved and I am sure everyone will be looking forward to him getting back on his feet and entertaining us all again. I wish him a speedy recovery.' "; stock Shirley Brahms B&W photo).

THE GUARDIAN Unlimited (16 December, 2000) article "The Questionnaire" (an interesting article which I'm surprised I haven't seen done before: Wendy's answers to a number of general and specific questions which I suspect she probably filled out in writing and then mailed or faxed to the reporter) by Rosanne Greenstreet.

ONLINE MIRROR (29 November, 2000) article "Our Pauline Gets OBE [sic]" (Original article has vanished. Link is to a local transcript.)

THE SUN (29 November, 2001) article "Pauline Howler [sic] gets Gong" (No current link to the short article, which simply said: "EASTENDERS star Wendy Richard shed a tear yesterday as the Queen presented her with the MBE. Overcome Wendy, 57, who has played Pauline Fowler for 15 years, gazed at her gong and fumbled for a tissue saying: 'Wearing that blue overall of Pauline's finally paid off. I think I'm going to cry' . . . Her Majesty recognised Wendy at Buckingham Palace, telling her: 'You're in a television soap.' "; two photos accompanied the article: one of Wendy and the queen, and the other very similar to this photo.)

ANANOVA (28 November, 2000) article "Soap Star Sheds Tear at Palace Date" (brief, almost abrupt, but generally positive story about Wendy's Day.)

BBC NEWS (28 November, 2000) article "EastEnders Pauline's Palace Date" (glowing mention and an excellent photo).

ONLINE MIRROR (late-November, 2000) article "EastEnder Wendy on Pet that Eased Her Heartache" (Original article has vanished. Information in the article generally mirrors what she has written in her book).

BBC NEWS (15 November, 2000) article "Richard's Daytime Donation" (short article 2/3rds of the way down the page).

DAILY EXPRESS (LineOne.Net) (5 November, 2000) article "Bubbly Blonde Who is Sick of Being Called A Frump" (archived link) (very positive biog, fine quotes, enchanting photo) by Viv Groskop.

ONLINE MIRROR (17 September, 2000) article "The Real-Life Heartache of 'Bubbly' Barbara Windsor" (has a paragraph near the end on the relationship between Barbara Windsor and Wendy. The rest of the article about Windsor is a bit mature: PG-13, at least. This link may not last . . .)

(25 July, 2000) The WRAP webmeister catches up with Ms. Richard in London (a report on my meeting with Wendy and John, summer of 2000.)

THIS IS LONDON (14 July, 2000) article "Loroupe back for Hyde Park Run" (brief mention only.)

THIS IS LONDON (3 May, 2000) article "Fay Weldon to Barbara Windsor" (Wendy's quote about the pending London mayoral election candidates is about half-way down the page.)

THE GUARDIAN Unlimited (4 March, 2000) article "Fast Tracked" (brief mention) by Andy Pietrasik.

Suite101.Com (portal) (25 February, 2000) article "The Wonderful Wendy Richard" by Hunter Peter.

BBC NEWS (16 February, 2000) article "Happy Birthday, EastEnders" (a mention and two photos).

BBC NEWS (19 November, 1999) article "EastEnders star robbed at home" (a sad article, but a lovely photo accompanies).

BBC NEWS (18 March, 1999) article "Carry on up the charts" (brief mention about Wendy's 1962 music chart hit).

THIS IS LONDON (4 November, 1998) article "Luvvies Divide Over Hunting Debate" by Peter Gruner.

BBC NEWS (11 November, 1997) article "Anti-hunting campaign launched" (brief mention).

IRISH TIMES (23 July, 1997) article "EastEnders head West" by Anthea McTeirnan.

RADIO TIMES MAGAZINE (22-28 March 1997) interview "You must never give in . . ." by Rose Shepherd, as presented on the UK Cancerpoint web site.

THE TIMES (24 Feb 1996) article "Actress laughs off cancer operation".

The Carry-On Companion interview Untitled by Robert Ross (published by Batsford Books).

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