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Shirley Brahms, the Dog

Note:  little Shirley passed away on 15 August 2005.

[Shirley the Dog]

In the final episode of Grace and Favour in 1992, this small dog was featured, and was given billing in the end credits as "Shirley Brahms". It was, in fact, Ms. Richard's own pet terrier (at a tender one year of age), formally named:

[Shirley Brahms the Second]spacer[Shirley Brahms the Second]
Shirley Brahms II

Shirley was one of a litter of puppies belonging to the family that owned the mansion where Grace and Favour was filmed. (To this day, Wendy wishes she'd gotten at least one more of the other of the same litter.) In an 1999 interview (EE:FF), Ms. Richard spoke at length about her Shirley.

In the 1995 book Celebrity Pets, Shirley was featured among with other "cats and dogs who befriend the famous". Wendy described her as a "true and loyal friend" -- despite being a bit of a terror to garden plants and anything that can be chewed. On the My Peet Stop website (no longer active as of 2020) there is a great response by Wendy to the question as to whether she and little Shirley look alike: "Yes, we're both good looking blondes with expressive eyes, good legs and sparkling personalities!"

If you want to see more photos of Shirley, read more about her, and even peruse SB's very own editorial column, stop by "Shirley's pages" on Wendy's official website (note: the link is to a 2006 instance of the page preserved courtesy of The Internet Archive Wayback Machine).

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