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Here are some sites from all over the world that have caught the Webmeister's eye at one time or another. The categories are somewhat arbitrary and reflect the informal nature of this offering. Enjoy!

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Caithness space Bigglethwaite space Cotswold Towns

Celtic Music Archive space The BBC space Virtual Tour of London




On-line Thesaurus space Chinese Ideographs

Web Page Translator


IBM space Voice Software

Unofficial IBM Aptiva Support

Kasparov vs. Deep Blue


Russian software

Gibson Research (net security) space Win95 & DOS 7. Hmm.....

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Decoding Internet Attachments

Jumbo Shareware space CD-R FAQs

POV Ray Trace space Web Pages that Suck


U.S. Army Home Page

Warfare in the Ancient World

The Laws of War space Grunt's Military Site

Information Warfare space B-58 space Defense News

Army Times Newspaper space Reserve Officers Association

U.S. Service Medals

FAL/LAR space Military City

Titanium Armor for Combat Vehicles


"Wired" News space CBN Newstand

Romanesko's Obscure Store space Washington Times

Langa Technical Report

Arts & Letters Daily space Reason Magazine

Jerusalem Post space BBC News space Pravda Online

Asia Source


New Zealand space Danger Finder

Catacombs of Rome

Cape Breton, NS space South Africa Tourism

Japan Tourism space Banff, Alberta, Canada

Lonely Planet Online

Colonial Williamsburg Home Page

State Dept. Travel Warnings and Consular Information

British Columbia space Colorado Springs


A World of Tea space Godiva Online

Antique Roman Dishes space Food Packaging Expiration Dates

Hershey's space Epicurious space OpRats

Food Network's CyberKitchen


The Dubbin Home Page space Haiku Error Messages

J.R.R. Tolkien Info page space Annals of Improbable Research

Unofficial Reboot Page

Peanuts space Exploding Whale space Car Talk


Space News Newspaper space National Space Society

Warp Drive When? space Mars Exploration Page

Cassini Saturn Mission

Microcosm Book Shop space Planetary Science Research Discoveries

Space Telescope Institute space KSC Home Page

Galileo Jupiter Mission space Today @ NASA


NASA Photo Archive space Hubble STS Gallery

NASA Watch Website


Webcam New Zealand

EarthCam space Walford Webcam


Loreena McKennitt (official)


CDNow space 91.8 FM Radio, Auckland, NZ

Song Search

Song Text Page space Mondegreens


The White House space U.S. Congress

National Gallery of Art

U.S. Federal Laws space Consumer Info Center Main Page

First Amendment space Second Amendment

Other 2nd Amendment


Deutsche Bundesbahn

Wuerzburg Online space Deutsche PapierGeld FAQ

Goethe Universitaet Homepage

Die Welt space Suchmaschine

Soldat zu sein... space Panzer Poesie


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